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Concept Brief

AutoPro, our own full service car repair brand, was launched in response to the needs of the UAE’ fast growing automotive population for good quality after sales providers. Road side garages are plentiful but with property zoning, parts authenticity issues and questionable service quality, these service providers only cater for older vehicles or motorists looking for cheap fixes. OEMs, on the other hand, are perceived to be expensive and time consuming.

AutoPro performs the majority of basic motor repairs. The services cover small to large cars and include preventive maintenance, brakes servicing, air-con repair, suspension and clutch replacement, electrical work and tyre sales. It provides professional, reliable and value for money preventative maintenance and repair programs: all within a clean, modern, comfortable and easily accessible environment.
With a highly trained team of mechanics and support staff, AutoPro caters to a wide clientele: especially private motorists driving 3 to 10 year old vehicles. AutoPro also supports fleet customers and guarantee them minimal vehicle downtime in order that they can maximise efficiency and manage costs

Owner Profile

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Franchisee Services

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Fee Structure

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Success Story

Kevin Schintzler
Pronto -Franchisee
ENOC,Park Street, Dubai

"The new store adds to the value of our offerings, as it provides a convenient place for parents and families to relax while their children participate in the role-play activities throughout the leisure zone. We are focused on opening more stand alone Pronto stores across Dubai and the Northern Emirates in the upcoming year, as part of an ambitious growth strategy."